JBridge is updated to work better with Cubase 8

JBridge has always been working so rocksolid for me that I completely forgot about it.
Recently I had some trouble, mainly not being able to remove used external inserts once an fx channel was used with a 32 bit plugin. This crashed Cubase. After the Jbridge update to 1.72 it’s gone!
Turns out, JBridge is updated for Cubase 8. I thought users should know.
Now it’s that awesome tool again.
I tried without JBridge and within 30 minutes Steinbergs own bridging thing crashed on me.
I still use some secret 32 bit weapons from the old age that will not be in 64bt

Thanks for the update info on jbridge. No email notices from him, I guess.

I’ll bet some are from Kjaerhaus.

There’s still 1.65 version on the official site though, 1.72 is beta…



Do you have to rebridge all the programs? Or only install the new version of jbridge?

I had quite the opposite experience with the latest jbridge. I had recently rebuilt my whole pc from scratch as I had to move from an old legacy 4 PCI slot Intel motherboard to an all singing all dancing ASUS H81 Gamer motherboard which boasted 4 PCI slots. PCI slot my arse, these slots are known as bridged types, so no more MAudio cards. Anyway having finished built the new machine (W7 16GB 64bit i5) I re-installed 15 years of everything, took a week. I tweaked the BIOS as to Steinbergs instructions, had a few dropouts but managed to resolve these.
Now the problem came after I got the latest JBridge. I re-bridge everything and continued working.
Any operation that required the loading or releasing of a bridged VST would take a while. But the Render in Place operation was a nightmare. Intermittent crashes and freezes. The final straw was the corruption of the CPR file.
Thought I’d lost everything was about to have a good sob and decided what if a reverted back to the previous JBridge. I did this by renaming the Program Files\JBridge folder and copying back the original. I didn’t have to even process the DLL’s again just put back the original folder and tried to open said corrupt CPR file again and it loaded.
Not only did it load but no more crashes and “Render in place” is quick and clean.
Also I tend to save projects whilst in playback mode and was getting a 4-5 second audio pause, where now it’s as it was before no stoppage of audio playback. Sticking with my old faithful JBridge for now. :smiley: