jBridge is ... working fine in Cubase 12!

And that makes me very happy! :innocent:

In fact so far everything works including my old stuff for which I’ve not found a better replacement, and to replace something just because … aint’ it. Bui so far Cubase 12 is a winner and everything seems just fine which is only remarkable in the context of software products …


I can’t seem to get it to work and I even went to the jbridge site to make sure I had he latest version. It still works fine in CB11 but I get ID error messages when in CB12. I have quite a few older versions of Steinberg VST’s that I would love to use including Virtual Bassist as well as Virtual Guitar other than that everything else is great with CB12.

I just reinstalled Windows on a larger SSD and now have to reinstall all programs and plugins only to get back to were I started …
… oh joy!
And there are probably ways to clone you OS and all that jazz but I wanted to start on a clean slate so here I am and find a topic created by … me??? :smiley:
At first I had no luck with jBridge. Then I remember you have to unblock blocked files by jBridge in the plugin mananger. Now it works again! Don’t know if you’ve found a solution, or anyone else may need to know, but it’s still possible in Cubase 12 after da big reinstall to run jBridge!

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