jBridge issue with Cubase 5.1.1...

Hi all,

I recently reinstalled Cubase 5.1.1 in its 64 bits flavor and it works perfectly, excepting a problem with MrRay (32 bits VSTi) : as long as I use it without tweaking a parameter in its interface, all is good. But as soon as I try to change something, Cubase crashes with a ‘VSTBridge has lost communication with…’ message like. This isn’t happening with Cubase 6.5.4.

So, I thought that the VSTBridge version bundled with C511 wasn’t able to cope with MrRay, as the C654 one obviously does. To solve this, I purchased JBridge and installed it to bridge both MrRay and VB3. Since :

  • The first time I launch C511 and load a template including MrRay and VB3, I have 7 or 8 messages like the C511-JBridge_Warning.png attachment. At the end of the project loading process, I end up with a crash (see C511-JBridge_Crash.png).

  • If I start Cubase C511 again with the same template, I also have the warning messages, but only 4 times, warning me about the lack of ‘administrator privilege’ (actually twice the sames, involving my ‘VST host’ and ‘auxhost.exe’, probably related to the fact that I have 2 jbridged VSTis) and Cubase loads the template correctly. I am even able then to tweak MrRay parameters as I can with C654 (see C511-JBridged_MrRay.png).

So, the problem is the systematic first C511 crash, then the remaining 4 messages with every next attempts. I checked the ‘Run as administrator’ status before each attempt and all the Cubase5.exe, auxhost.exe, auxhost64.exe and jBridger.exe are setted to run as so. I setted this parameter for all these under my administrator account and extended it to all users.

Guess that I must be doing something wrong at a point. But what ? Thanks for any enlightment…

A progress…

Checking everything again, I stumbled on the fact that the c:\Programs\Steinberg\VSTJBridged folder (in which I made jBridger install my bridged VSTis versions) had a ‘Read-only’ status. So, under my administrator account, I extended the authorizations to allow writings and modifications on it for all users.

Result : no more C5 crash, and only the 4 warning about the ‘Run as admin’ messages are remaining. MrRay and VB3 are acting perfectly as under Cubase 6.5.4. So, I now have to find what causes the messages display, despite the fact that all the involved .exe files have the ‘Run as admin’ status…

Anyone ?