jBridge Specifics?

Greetings Forum,
Does anyone have the jbridge specifics on how to have legacy plugins such as the Universal Sound Module and the Embracer
up and ready on Win 7 64 Bit OS. Daw: Cubase 7.5 / Cubase Pro 10 64 Bit. :question:

Install a 32 bit version of Cubase and use that for old VSTi, render audio files from them and open them in your latest Cubase 64 bit version via the menu > import > tracks from project command.
You can have as many or as few installations of Cubase as you want. They’re all in separate folders. The last 32 bit version was C8.5 and if you have Cubase Pro 10 64 Bit you can use any older version on the eLicenser.
I don’t think jBridge is of any help to the old plugins that were collaborations between Steinberg and other companies such a Wizoo. There are copyright issues and what have you preventing them to be updated.
But they work in Cubase 32 bit!

LOL! :slight_smile: Thanks Mr Senior Member. I appreciate your reply.
Yes, yes thats just the thing I should do at this point.
I am grateful.
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and Thank You! :slight_smile: