JBridge uninstall

I tried to uninstall jBridge from cubaseai10 but I keep getting cannot locate proxy dill. warning…how can I completely remove jBridge from windows 10?

Try installing it again then uninstall it.

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I just now did that but no go…What I did wrong I guess was uninstalled it from programs and apps in windows10…not the jBridge uninstaller…there must be a way to find whatever file or folder is making it continue…I’ve spent hours going deep into users-windows-Microsoft-history etc. files but cannot find anything…Put /s: and/c: drives through a search but nothing again…there might be a way through tasks or command prompt or regidit…I don’t know how to go about that…

I contacted the people from jBridge…they said to remove the 4kb duplicate files that jBridge creates…I did that and it works…just search the folders where the originals were…the duplicates are there too…

Thank you for following up and posting your results. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: