Jbridge - worth the buy?

I want to run Cubase 32 bit and bridge 64 bit VSTi’s with Jbridge.

Is anyone doing this and is it stable?

Didn’t know there was a demo! Trying it now.

EW PLAY is not working properly. Trilian, Stylus RMX, Ivory, and everything in Komplete 7 are running very smooth!

EDIT: Using Cubase 64 bit and bridging 32 bit plugins works better. Waves Musicians II 6.0.7 and SSL Bundle 7.1 are working just fine. :wink: Definitely buying Jbridge.

Just wanted to post my 2 C. I got jbridge so I could use some free stuff I found online and reaktor (before the 64 bit update).

It works on almost everything I tried. I think the only thing I had problems with was plugs made in synthedit, but tbh none of those looked very good so no great loss. The jbridge site has info on what it works with if I remember. Also the creator of jbridge is fast to reply, so you can just ask him if you are not sure.