Jbridged GA3 in Cubase 6.5 64 bit

Ive recently bought Groove Agent 3 to my Cubase 6.5 64 bit. I didnt work at all. From support I was told that the “live to host” function didnt work at all in 64 bit. Support told me I should have two versions of Cubase - one in 32 bit and one in 64 bit, and toogle between them. I didnt like this solution. On several Forums Ive read about Jbridge - a small program that gets 32 bits programs/vst into 64 bit. I bought it and it worked! Iam now able to record from my keyboard. But how do I use the already made patches? I`ve tried “live to host” but nothing else than my keyboard touches is recorded. Do anybody have any solution to this?

Aces V3, i5 - 2,6 Hz processor, 8 Gb Ram, 750 HDD. Cubase 6.5, Groove Agent 3, Jbridge, Padshop Pro, Alchemy player, Native Instruments Komplete Elements 4, Behringer Umx 610 Keyboard, Zoom soundcard

No answer from anybody out there, and Steinberg support claim my problem don`t have any solution in Cubase 6.5 64 bit in Windows 7. They are wrong. I Am so happy! Left to find any solution myself I browsed old cubase forums and found the solution to my problem - There were many loose ends so I had to do a lot trial and error. Voila, suddenly it all worked. So I feel that I have to tell the solution all the other people struggeling with this problem.

First , you need the program Jbridge- you find it by google after Jbridge. Follow the setup explained.
Now, You have av Groove Agent 3 thats work with midi inputs from your keyboard. Nothing else to do. But, like me, you may need to record “live from host”/ the audio patterns you choose in Groove Agent 3. Steinberg claims this is impossible in cubase X 64 bit. Their wrong. Jbridge installed and completed make Groove Agent 3 working in Cubase 64 bit. But, there are a lot of things you have to do right to do live takes. Here they are:
Start Cubase, Press F11, Choose GA3 and create midi track.
Open GA3 and press setup. Check for "life to host, Toogle, stop playback, Groove Agent GM output, Groove Agent Ambience split, Crash Cymbal after fill, Tool tips, Save current settings as default, Close
In Cubase to the left side: Choose 1 Groove Agent… 64 MidiOut as input
Choose 1 Groove Agent… 64 MidiInput as output
Choose channel 1 and next channel 2
Choose GM Map
Then your ready: Choose your preset drums, press Run and record in Cubase as usual. Final word. Groove Agent 3 are a excellent tool when it works - and now it does. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thats the typical Stedinberg behaviour of slapping in the face of the customers who paid good money for their products.
If something with the host is not working correctly, the standard answer is not to use ancient software like 32 bit and switching to 64 bit, but themselves they are not able to make a relatively recent Plugin like GA 3 64 bit.
Absolutely outrageous