jBridged plugins lose settings - solved in C7? No...

in Ableton this is no problem. bridged and “original” are treated the same.
In Cubase a bridged plugin is still considered a “different” plugin and therefore it’s settings in a project that was created containing the unbridged plugin will not be loaded. Still the same in C7.

Is there a workaround for this?

What do you mean by “different”? You don’t want Cubase to see the original plugins, because that could create conflicts between jBridge and VSTbridge (Cubase’s own bridger), which would likely result in a Cubase crashing on start. So, keep them in a folder that Cubase won’t scan (they still need to be in the Program Files (x86) folder though.)

Hi Papi, I have updated the thread to make it clearer.

OK, I see what you mean now. Are you sure that Cubase isn’t scanning the folder with the original 32-bit VST’s? If it is, it might still be a problem related to what I mentioned before.

When you create the bridged vst plugin there is an option in Jbridge to include x64 in the plugin name. If you leave this unticked the plugin will be recognised the same as the unbridged plugin.

Is this any help, or have you already go this bit?

Yes, and that’s why the best strategy to avoid confusion at best and crashes at worst is to keep the folder with the original 32-bit plugins away from being scanned by Cubase.

Had a few busy days. Will check asap. thanks for the good input.

Ok, so I don’t have this untick box in my jBridge UI.
I’m on Mac btw.

Is it a known fact that Cubase Mac DOES recognize bridged VSTs (although they have the same name) as different?

Start jBridger and click on “I’ll be using a x64 host.” Then you get to another dialog box where you can choose additional options. Click on “create bridging files inside a directory I’ll specify.” Underneath that button there’s an option ("don’t add .32/.64 in file names in destination folder.) Keep that one unchecked and all your bridged files will end up with x64.

I’m assuming the OSX jBridge is identical to its windows counterpart, but it’s possible that a few things might be different, or just placed differently.

Both OSX and Windows see the bridged VST as separate from its x86 originator. Like I said, you should keep the original x86 VST’s in a folder that Cubase does not access.

Hi, I checked with the developer and the x64 optiosn for fienames are not there on MAC.
WOuld not have hepled anyway.

Thanks anyway!