jBridgeM stop working


jBridgeM Doesn’t work anymore in Cubase 7 and 7.5.
It works fine in Ableton Live

If I open a synth with jbridgeM, I can see the midi going in and the synth’s meter moving, but no audio in cubase.
If I have an audio track playing and I put a bridged plugin, the audio cut…No sound anymore.
All those plugins works fine in the cubase’s bridge.

I try in safe mode… and try to reinstall jBridgeM…… nothing works.

Any idea?

Thank you

I can merely recommend a re-install of jBridgeM, and, above all, re-scan all your plugins for bridging.

And contact the creator if that doesn’t work. He is very good and timely about email communication and for myself always solved the issues.


Already fixed by j’s stuff in an update:

jBridgeM 0.9 beta 3:

  • Should now work correctly in OS X Yosemite ( 10.10 ).
  • Redesigned IPC allocation procedures ( edit: beta3 fixes no-sound issue with Cubase ).
  • bugs/ crash fixes and compatibility tweaks for some plugins.
  • Auxhost should not exit anymore due to AppNap.
  • Fixed bug were some plugins would not have bridging files created.