Jerky scroll

Since forever Cubase scrolling and zooming has always had a low frame rate making it jerky and annoying. Now that every other desktop and mobile app in the world has smooth animations it’s even more jarring.

Anyone know if there are plans to fix this any time soon? (On a Mac here).



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The GUI refresh speed has been a problem for years, very annoying, and at times (in big projects) makes it almost impossible to work. That and the long save times.


It is very annoying. I get a little bit better results with 32-bits processing. And the real funny part is that time display on a MCU remote controller also slows down when Cubase start to have sluggish gui.

If I were a funk/soul rapper, I would call myself “Jerky Scroll”

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Midi editor very Jerky 1+

UPDATE: scroll is pretty smooth now in Cubase 11. It’s just Zooming now which still has that quaint legacy vintage psychedelic jerky jerk.

COME ON STEINBERG, let’s have a smooth zoom. Btw Steinberg, I hope you’re reading my plea on this reply to an old thread. As a matter of principle (laziness) I refuse to ask for this anywhere where it will make a difference.