Jerky video with cubase 11

Hello everybody and happy new year… :wink:

I am composing images for the first time with my Cubase 11 and when I am reading with the video track and screen window open, it works well for the first 20 seconds and then the image jerks very strongly!

What slows me down enormously in my work … someone would have a solution for me please?

My config:

  • Win 10 pro
  • Nvidia RTX 3060 video card
  • IntelCore i7-67000 CPU @ 3.40GHz processor
  • 64 Gigas RAM

Thanks a lot for your help !

Yours sincerely.

Raphael Didjaman

Hi, I don’t sync to video often, but rendering a low res version might help?

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I’m not a video maven either, but I do have this suggestion – to convert the video to Apple Prores. You can use use Xmedia Recode, Audiospot MediaER or other video utilities…

I also use Xmedia Recode. Mp4 should be fine too. Just make sure the frame rate is constant and video bit rate is not too high.

Thank you everybody for your answers… I think I founded a solution !

Maybe because the video was in Mp4, so I converted in .Mov and now it works well !

Thank you for all of you again… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: