Jester's Dance

A little fun Jazz/Funk composition. Hope you like. :slight_smile:

Great track! Tight, funky groove and superb playing, loved it!


Very energetic
I loved it
Wanna dance to it for sure

Thanks JP & Masoomi! Kind words indeed! The Jester has ants in his pants. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Lovely sounds, groove, great guitar playing, reminded me a bit of Yellowjackets. Great sounds on everything, but I loved your guitar tone in particular. What are you playing and how are you capturing it? What are you using for drums? Great stuff.


Thanks Steve!
Wow, Yellowjackets? That’s high praise. :slight_smile: Hadn’t heard them in ages.

That cut was played on a Washburn KC90 guitar. (29 yrs old) I used a Rat distortion through a Digitech RP500 processor directly into the Roland Studio Capture interface. Didn’t have any effects on the RP500, just used it to preamp a bit. Any effects are post tracking. (except distortion)

Drums are Addictive Drums 1&2

Thanks again.


This sounds great! Guitar playing is wonderful, great sound. And the drums really sound good as well. I agree with Steve, reminiscent of Yellowjackets. I always thought they needed a guitarist! You should give them a call.

Ha, thanks Early21! Got any contact info on them? :slight_smile: