Jete with 5 dots

I’m looking to have 5 dots in the jete playing technique, how can I do this?

Thanks for the link.

Maybe it’s because I’m a beginner, but I’ve dabbled with that before posting on the forum and I haven’t been able to find dots that look like the ones in the technique, and I don’t know how to insert a slur like the one in the technique. Otherwise I would have to import a graphic slur, which is too time consuming…

Here’s one I made in a blank project. You can Save as Default so it’s available in other projects. You can certainly tweak it if needed as well.

Wow, thanks! Would you mind revealing how you made it?


  1. select the existing jete PT (with 4 dots)
  2. click the pencil tool to edit it
  3. select the glyph in the window and delete it
  4. from the list on the right, under “articulations,” add 5 staccatos and a slur
  5. drag and needed
  6. click “Save as Default” to add it to your PT list for all projects
  7. chill and garnish with whipped cream to taste
  1. Drag as needed.

(Some day auto-correct will start a war and be the death of us all.)

P.S. I like the whipped cream part!