JI and Dorico craziness :)

Hi everyone ! So I know this is quite a niche topic but for anyone using JI (and specifically the accidentals package from plainsound.com), how do you stay calm and sereeeene when you have to find the right number for your trills ? (assuming you like to have a cautionary pitch next to your trill sign) ahahahah.
It’s probably the worse thing ever. Any ideas to make my life less miserable on that ?

The numbers are the available pitch deltas in your tonality system. Since they’re based on 12,000 EDO they represent cents × 10.

Use a simpler tonality system?


I’ve been in the same boat, so I feel your pain. What I’ve ended up doing is once I’ve found the right number, I write it down. Often your other players will be using the same or similar intervals, so you can reuse the number. Good luck!

If you pardon the plug… this seems like something that ConsoleTools could help you with. With just a few macro recording experiments, you should be able to set up a custom set of tools to set trill intervals from a narrowed-down group of choices.


Ah ! I’ve thought about doing that too but I don’t know why sometimes I can’t find the same divisions depending on the trill I’m trying to get… it’s super weird. Has that happened to you before ?

where is the fun in life if we stick to easy things ?? :slight_smile:
Also studying JI is extremely beneficial from an artistic point of view, you can make really beautiful sounding music.

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Yes it’s hard to find the right one, especially if any of your instruments are transposing. If that’s the case, I’ve found it’s best to make a new layout with a transposed part - transposed by hand, not automatically, because in HEJI there is no such thing as an equal-tempered “Major 2nd” for clarinet, etc.

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