Jittery GUI + GFX RAM

I am wondering if video RAM becomes an issue for ppl when using large graphic VST’s and Cubase’s new look, etc combined with W7 Aero etc. It’s something i’m wondering about as I am getting Jittery playback where the scroll sometimes skips, but playback doesnt. So I am wondering if my GFX card is either

a) Underpowered
b) on it’s last legs
c) not coping with Cubase stretched over 2 screens
d) crap
e) overheating

Anyway, I want to upgrade the card, it’s a 250GTS 512mb, i’d sooner have a more powerful card.

Does video RAM effect the DAW in anyway ? Bad drivers cause issues for Cbase ? And maybe Steiny could contact Nvidia and AMD and see about creating profiles for the cards like the games do, so that when you launch Cubase, the video settings are optimized :slight_smile: Just a thought.

What resolution are you running the two displays at? I have a hard time believing Cubase is pushing a gaming graphics card, even the 250 GTS. Are your monitors both connected with DVI? What are the system specs? It is certainly possible the graphics card could be throttling. You can use RealTemp Here to see what the temps are doing.
Of course, you can get 400 and 500 series nVidia cards now for $50-$100 so an upgrade is cheap and easy.
Then, you can get in a quick match of Unreal Tournament 3 while your mix is exporting :open_mouth:

Well the resolution is 1440x900 on both monitors, one is VGA the other is DVI.

The temperature seems fine tbh, 68 celcius under load is about normal for an Nvidia.

The project window is on one monitor, mixer out over 2, loads of plug-ins all over the place, and plenty of jbridged ones too.

I think i’ll upgrade anyway, and to an AMD card this time, as they are better for multi monitors.

Try to get a card that has two DVI outputs, provided your monitors both have DVI inputs, of course. That should help too. Mixing those two different types of outputs could slow things down.

The one monitor only has VGA input, it was cheap lol

But I am going to update the card, something a lot more powerful, see if that helps.

Just close some plug GUI’s.

You might have a point there, I am thinking maybe as they are jbridged, and outside the GUI of Cubase, therefore always running, they are consuming a lot more video memory than if they were hidden in the Cubase window.

I’m upgrading the card anyway, but I will definately try closing windows 1st thanks.