JL Cooper MCS-3800

I’m having issues with the JL-Cooper 3800 as a remote device. It receives midi data from N5, but Nuendo doesn’t indicate it is getting Midi in (looking at the transport midi in meter).

In other words the 3800 is controlled by nuendo, but the 3800 doesn’t do anything to Nuendo. I have the ins and outs routed as they should. Anything else I’m missing?


Is anyone successfully using the JL Cooper MCS-3800 with N5?

Ok, getting slightly discouraged from the lack of responce. N5 claims to support the MCS-3800…So I bought one. Should I take the silence to mean it is not?

So I’ll rephrase the question. Does N5 support the JL Cooper MCS-3800?

Hi Andrew, thank´s for the report and question. We have re-checked the functionality of the MCS 3800 remote
controller connected via RME multiface Midi ports using N5.1.1. 64 bit on Win7 64 bit which works fine. Please
choose the MCS3000 controller in the device setup and connect both Midi in & out ports properly. It should work.
Please could you describe your setup in more detail like OS, N5 version ect. also ? Thanks & best regards, Tino


I am using the 3800 with two 3000x expanders and one 1000XL expander. I am about to upgrade the firmware on the 3800 and put in an ethernet card. I am not sure if it will improve my systems behavior. I now experience some glitches in the system where the system chooses the wrong channels sometime etc. It usually works when jerking with some faders but then I also change values so I hope the ethernet connections will improve this. I am trying to find answers to what the firmware update does. There is not that much info out there about this system.

I am also very surprised why the MCS protocol in Nuendo only supports 3 eq:s when there is 4 and two more bank bottons on the MCS controller. My only answer to this is that the protocol has not been updated in a looong time.
It´s probably from a time when Nuendo only had 3 eq:s in the system. Shouldn´t be that hard to update this.

Now I am trying to find answers to what some MCS bridges would do for improvement. Maybe it will not work at all, but it would be nice to be able to use it´s surround joysticks to control the channels, as well as using the encoders for controlling plugins, but I guess that will never happen.
I also would like the ability to flip so I can control sends, plugin parameters etc with the faders. Is this so hard to apply?

One good thing with the MCS is that it can control video editing software as well.

I wonder how the protocol looks from Nuendo. Would it be that hard to improve functionality in this? Can we do it ourselves? The mcs system is really nice because of it´s posibility to add different units and expanders in so many different ways. Guess the only problem is that it´s too pricey. I wonder why? It´s metal but the knobs don´t feel that great. In fact they don´t respond that well after being unused for a while… The faders feel great I think. Alot better on the MSC3000XL off coarse.

I have now got an update chip 3.01 and an ethernet interface connected to my mac. In the mcd software for the mac you can program the bottons to do what the mouse, keyboard and midi can do as well as using the pre-arranged functions for Nuendo control. At least this is what it looks like. I am still testing this. Not finished yet. I have now to my disappointment seen that the expanders don´t separate from the main unit meaning that the expanders controls the same channels 1-8 and not 9-16 and 17-24 as they do when connected with midi and firmware 1.15. A question about it is at coopers support right now, but they´re not that fast…

But if this all should work then… shit, this is suddenly very powerful. Progress update will follow.

All the best /

I finally understand the frustration. Nuendo 6 doesn´t recognize commands sent by JLcooper when connected with ethernet. But it recieves info. The ethernet software gets the commands but it´s not sent to Nuendo or Nuendo doesn´t recognize it.
Is there any filtering software that blocks the commands in OSX? I am now using OSX snow leopard 10,6. with software version 3.1 now. I will try mountaion lion with mcs software driver 3.8 later.

I have noticed though that the MCS 3800 responds much quicker using ethernet. The ethernet software should also be able to be configured to do things not pre-programmed from the Nuendo template. I´ll look into that if I get it to respond.