Jog options with Avid Artist transport


would’nt it be perfect when using the Jog option of the Avid Artist Transport in conjunction with EuCon - that Jog move - jog slip - trim head and trim tail one could listen to the audio that one is working on.
And it woul be very helpfull in ADR to have an default section for like A/B like channel selection, character or Actor name episode no and so on.

Have a nic e day.


Hello KSD,

thanks for your “vote”. I wonder how many of you do use Nuendo as a post editing system. I have more of two decades of harddisc recording, editing and mixing experience and these proposals are tools I used to work with and are total time saving in daily work. And I am aware of that the more people demand these functions the more serious the developers and marketing people have to deal with this. So demand it.



Wouldn’t it be perfect if Avid would make the driver less buggy?

Hello Oliver,
I am Running a Coupél of Nuendos with Avid Artist controls. They are all connected directly to the Computer via a separate Network Card. No problems. But Important to me are the above described options.

Hi Carsten

I used to work a lot with Fairlight before switching to Nuendo as my main post-production tool. In Fairlight these options where something I used all day, so I would like to have them in Nuendo.
Also scrubbing with more than speed 1x would also be very nice to have.

Best, Alan

Helle Alan,
I have a coupel of MFX 48 Systems and some AMS Adiofile systems. They were build for postproduktion and are very “edit friendly”. In November I took part in a convention here in Germany and had a long conversation with one of the poduct specialists of Nuendo about all the, in my opinion, missing edit features. I use a lot of Avid Artist Controllers which work fine, but they miss a couple of essential edit features as well, as they Are not programmed by Steinberg.
We will see what the next SW update will bring.
I hope some more features for the editor.

Ah, good old Fairlight days.

I miss the enlarge to cursor edit macro in Nuendo.
Press a button and trim the boundaries of an audio region to your cursor position…


Hello Carsten

On the MFX system I didn’t work a lot, but I have 10 years on the Dream and further series. I did some testing with the Nuage system and I must say that, if you like Fairlight, you should really have a look at it :slight_smile:

Best, Alan

Hello Alan,

I had a close look at the nuage system, but the jog functions I am demanding are not implemented there either.