Jog/Scrub permanantly deactivates linked channel inserts

Been working on a big project with 60 or so tracks and several plugs per track. Every now and then I notice the stereo image is unbalanced and that some of the inserts are inactive. Took me ages to spot the trigger for this going back through various saved incarnations to see what had happened prior to the issue. Transpires it is the use of the jog / scrub wheel activated via software or external hardware alike.

To recreate;

  1. Create a few tracks and link them, choosing to link everything (for the sake of argument)

  2. Create any amount of insert plugins. It creates a copy of each in each linked channel. All good.

  3. Scrub / jog using jog wheel - inactivates plugins as expected during scrub HOWEVER;

  4. Only the first channel is reactivated. All other inserts remain inactive.

Is this just me ? I vaguely remember having a similar issue in the past but don’t recall the precise issue.

Cheers for reading. Any input appreciated :slight_smile:

Same issue here when jog/scrubbing using keyboard commands (Mac 10.10. Cubase 8.5)