Jog Shuttle Control for Nuendo?

Can anyone recommend a jog shuttle control for Nuendo?

I had a Contour Shuttle Pro ‘back in the day’ (I think Nuendo 5 era) but it never worked very well. As the jog shuttle movements were mapped to keyboard shortcuts it felt VERY clunky to use, with it often getting stuck doing movements or be slow to respond, often stacking commands that would continue after you released it for example. Compared to it’s use in other applications like Vegas and Audition where it appeared to be natively supported which were super smooth and responsive, it was just horrible to use.

Couldn’t find any up to date info from a google around. I assume there must be plenty of Nuendo users using some kind of jog shuttle controller, so I might ask what you use and how well it works. Does the Contour Shuttle work natively now or is it still mapping keyboard shortcuts?

MC Control from Euphonix or AVID runs very clever.

MC Transport, not MC control, sorry.

It’s obsolete and no longer available.

There must be nuendo users using a shuttle control, surely?

I had the same experience as you Jez and I just gave up on it.

Wonder why no one mentioned the CC121 – I used to have it, but got rid of it since it’s not compatible with the many other apps I use. But for Cubase/Nuendo, it worked great IMO. Just takes up way too much desk space for what it does IMO. If it were totally programmable, then I’d buy one again. Also, I know the CMC-AI was discontinued, but maybe that would still work?

P.S. And BTW, I just bought the ShuttleProv2 to test out and it’s definitely not ideal of course, since it emulates key commands, but it’s better than nothing IMO, especially for the price, and it does work with just about any other app you might use.

The cc121 isn’t a wheel though, it’s a knob, which to me makes quite a bit of difference.

And the Shuttle was fine for many things using key commands, but ultimately the problem with triggering some things made it a no-go for me. I think it was the inability to step back/forth by frame that was the problem. When moving the wheel and then stopping Nuendo would “overshoot” or “flicker” rather than correctly park on the desired frame. I could never get it to work so I gave up on it.

It maybe no longer available, but I wouldn’t say that it is obsolete. It works well and can be found for a reasonable price on Ebay… so did I and I’m very happy.

Very true that it’s a knob, but it was the best physical transport device I’ve used with Cubase/Nuendo so far, and had a decent granularity of little detents and comparatively decent feel for acceleration in the knob to make it work pretty well zipping around the timeline and going frame-by-frame. As close as I’ve come to a good transport/control surface so far for Steinberg stuff.

Ugh that’s a damn shame. I might disagree that it’s better than nothing though, I found the experience of using it in Nuendo extremely unpleasant, especially compared to how lovely it worked in Audition and Vegas.

Yeah, like with anything, YMMV. I would love a really good new universal shuttle/jog device from Steinberg, that was compact and let us program macros and key commands for other apps. :slight_smile: If anyone knows of a good solution, I’m all in. For now, I’m playing with the ShuttleProv2, which is obviously nothing special, but at least it lets me move between apps pretty fluidly with similar muscle memory for buttons. I would love a higher-end version of that.

The CMC-TP works nicely for this if you can find one out there.

what is your budget?

How much can a jog shuttle cost?

I actually just remember that I tested years ago, maybe three or four, the asparion jog shuttle control module, Asparion D400. I must say that the wheel worked very well and very precise, top Nuendo integration on the wheel side. But it is Midi and uses the Mackie Protocol I think. It was quite odd to use the encoder, especially when you already used eucon controllers… All in all, nothing for me so I sent it back. But maybe interesting for you. It’s a small german Company and the quality was outstanding and very robust.

Thanks that does look interesting indeed, seems I can buy just the transport section. What was wrong with the encoders?

The encoders work well on the channel strip section (was Nuendo 7, maybe its better now), but I had problems to map them on third party plugins like Izotope. As I mostly work with insert plugins instead of those from the channel strip section it didn’t improve my workflow a lot for this amount of money.

How about this?

Those are heavy duty ones, which I guess is what you want in a jog dial.

Stay away from the JL Cooper Jog wheels.
The ones they made for Nuage are not usable. Really, there is NOTHING you can do with them.
And they are to f%$*** lazy and/or incompetent to solve the problem.