Jog wheel speed and click-drag mixer buttons

Hi all!

Total Cubase newbie here, moved over as a Sonar refugee as it was the DAW that closest matched my workflow. So far, I’m finding my way around OK although it’s definitely a “culture shock” and there’s lots of little things I miss from Sonar. But two things in particular have tripped me up, I’d appreciate it a lot if you could provide me with any pointers to manuals etc. if this is all covered there… I have the PDF and online manuals but haven’t managed to find the options I’m looking for:

1.) I have an X-Touch controller, which works fine but the jog wheel is incredibly slow. I don’t have this issue on Sonar or Studio One, but on Cubase it moves the current position bar so slowly it’s useless. Is there any way to increase the speed of the jog wheel in Cubase preferences ? Ideally I’d like it to move one grid section (which would be great as it’d adapt to zoom) but I’d settle for just making it move in larger increments (e.g. 1 bar at a time). Likewise, the transport buttons seem to move the position bar by seemingly random amounts, I’d like to snap those to the grid as well.

2.) Now this is something I may have dreamt :laughing: , but I swear I saw a video showing a feature in the Cubase mixer very similar to how Sonar & Studio One work. In the mixer, a button (e.g. Mute/Solo/Record/etc.) was clicked with the mouse, and then the mouse was dragged over the buttons on the tracks next to it. This had the effect of toggling Mute/Solo/Record/whatever on all tracks the mouse was dragged over. Did I dream this ? Or is this now in Cubase 9.5, possibly as some obscure Alt/Shift click behaviour ? It makes arming/muting large groups of tracks a lot quicker than manually clicking the button on each one - just click on the first, drag, done.

Many thanks for any advice!


  1. No idea, sorry.
  2. A mix of two features sounds like to me. You can drag and drop an entire channels settings from one channel to another in the mixer console. Or you use Q-Link to temporarily link several channels and then change a setting on one which will then be changed on all of them. Q link can be set up either with the button on the Mixer toolbar or by Alt-Shift. In the latter case it only stays on whilst the keys are being held down. If selected from the toolbar it stays ready to Q-Link any channels you select at the same time.

Thanks for the reply! That Q-Link sounds like it may be what I saw - I’ve been going through my YouTube history and can’t find it, so it is possible I just dreamt it, or got confused from researching & trying so many DAWs recently! I’ll give it a go.