jog wheel use

When I stop playback and then use the jog wheel to select an exact spot for editing, the cursor often (not always, though) jumps to some other position, not exactly where I stopped, but somewher before. How can I avoid this? Does it matter where you click on the jog wheel? There is not much factual information about the jog wheel in the manual - does anyone have some specific insights into its use and features? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Get an AI controller. It will make your life MUCH easier, if you use the jog wheel a lot.

Thanks, yes that would work, but it’s a bit of overkill in my case of realtively limited use. A work-around I seem to have found is not to stop and then use the jog wheel but to grab it as you are still playing back. It seems to be a little more controllable that way, staying in place where you grab it.

I find the jog wheel fiddly, even with a mouse.

I know that Steinberg would like us to buy their new hardware, but a finger-friendly jog panel would work just as fast on a touchscreen

I found scrubbing and jogging a real pain with the mouse, using the CMC-AI in Jog mode is not much better - and not at all useful for scrubbing.
For this reason I invested in a ShuttleXpress which basically is a hardware version of the control as found on the Cubase Transport control - in my opinion: nothing else comes close to ease of use and the right fluidity of control.

I think that most people use the CMC-AI wheel the wrong way. And that’s mostly Steinberg’s fault, because they could have definitely designed the wheel more similarly to the one in the picture above, with a slight depression for the index finger.

If you grab the AI wheel with two fingers (thumb and index, as anyone would naturally do), I agree that it’s cumbersome when the scrub requires more than half a turn. But I only use my index finger (use the edge of the wheel’s top, don’t touch the sides), and I can turn the wheel freely without interruptions, both clockwise and counterclockwise. Takes some getting use to it, but after a while you can get complete control over it.

I totally agree, it would have been better if they designed the wheel like a true jog wheel. And with shuttle controls (the outer ring in the picture above), which are missing from the AI.

Actually, the Shuttle control is exactly like the software version on the Transport window - the outer ring is a jog control, moves the cursor at different speeds back and forth determined by the degree of turn, it’s spring loading always returns the knob to zero. The center knob is the scrubbing control and it requires several turns to move the cursor a bar so allows very fine adjustment - with audio of course. The remaining buttons are simply freely programmable.
For anyone considering trying such a control, the ShuttleXpress is manufactured by Contour Designs but can also be found on EBay.
I should also point out that the control can be used for virtually any application, including file explorer and web browsers, Media programs, CAD etc.etc… :wink:

You’re correct in that it does precisely that, but it’s called shuttle ring, like I said before.

“the Xpress has five large buttons spaced around the circumference, along with a jog wheel and spring-loaded shuttle ring at the center.”

:slight_smile: Arghh, Semantics
A rose is a rose…
In the Op.Man. also the outer ring is a shuttle control and the inner knob is a jog control. I prefer the innner knob to be called a scrub control because that’s what it does :laughing:
The +/- buttons are to me more of a jog control - but nudge is also ok.
So you’re correct - but I’ll still refer to the inner knob as a scrub control :sunglasses:
The AI control has what is called “jog mode” but it actually controls the “shuttle” function. :confused:

Regardless what we call them, important is the function, and I’ve not found a better controller for these (esp. for scrubbing).