John Barron, Another Dorico Hang coming next week?

Hi John,

Is there another Dorico Hang planned for next Thursday? I haven’t seen anything posted. Maybe that means that the update is right around the corner, and yer holding back on another video/tutorial until it is released… :question:

There will indeed be a Discover Dorico session next week, as usual. I’m sure John will be seeking ideas and questions in the coming days.

Indeed the next session will be on Thursday 25th May at the usual time.
Any requests at any time of things you’d like to see or discuss, please email - or just reply in this thread.

What time, exactly?

The session link is here:

Thursday 25th May 4pm UK time - your time zone may vary.

Would John consider doing a Dorico Hang on efficient SATB choir workflow? Everything from closed (G and F clef) splitting to open score and back with solos, labels, individual lyric, adjusting playback for tenors when they switch clef?

This is a great idea. There’s a lot of ways to tackle such a scenario, especially in light of the fact that auto-condensing doesn’t exist yet. :slight_smile:

Would it not make more sense to wait until the Condensing feature arrives, before doing this? The current manual methods constitute a workaround (or a series of workarounds) that will hopefully be rendered unnecessary before long.

Although I don’t know that “condensing” has been hinted at for Dorico 3.0, if that does actually materialize, and since John’s Hangs come once a month, that could possibly only happen two or three months in the future. Let’s hope.