John Legend + Others Artists: A Place Called World

Hi guys,

This my last work as producer (and mixer and arranger) for a big brand of beer in Spain featuring John Legend, Dan Croll, Anni B Sweet and Nach. It’s been produced with Nuendo, Cubase and VST Connect (guitars recordings)

I hope you like it:


Well done, tell me more about how you put this together and the rappers you used. Are they your artist? Would love to discuss in future a Latin rock project I am doing with a 5 time grammy nominated artist which needs a great bi lingual vocalist.
Where are you located?

Hi Kenny,

I’m glad you like it.

The beer company wanted a producer with experience developing huge projects and I was recommended by two of the companies involved as the correct guy for this gig. The song was mandatory and they wanted a radio hit, so the main two tasks of this job have been having a great production for the song and putting all the agendas together (dealing with the companies, agents and reservations). Everybody is very happy with the result. In fact, Sony Spain is going to release the song as John Legend single (singing alone).
Recording John Legend was particularly hard due his agenda, but it was a great session and he was very committed. The rap guy is Nach. He is probably one of the best Spanish rappers. None of the artists are “mine”. John is from Columbia NY and everybody else from Universal, but Annie B Sweet (Subterfuge).

I’m mainly located in Spain, but I’m involved in some projects in LA and NY. Please, contact me if you think I can be helpful for your project :slight_smile:


Very good job :slight_smile:

Great work! Cheers from Nashville.

Great thing. Great work. Nice people. Lucky you. :wink: