Joining midi files preserving the time signatures of both files

Hello. Apologies if this issue has been described elsewhere. However, I haven’t found the solution anywhere. I would like to join midi files together so that the second song starts as soon as the first ends. PAsting the second file on to the end of the first results in the loss of its time signatures etc. . In other words the time signature info of the second is not imported. I would much appreciate it if a forum member could let me know the solution. I have tried altering the Preferences/MidiFile/Import Options but without success. I have Cubase Elements 10.5. Many thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Disable the Ignore Master Track Events on Merge option in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File, please.

Thank you Martin. Much appreciated. I think I was assuming the opposite… that I would want the option enabled. Your solution works beautifully, saving me much head scratching and time. Thanks again. :grinning: :+1: