Joining some barlines in a keyboard part

In setting a keyboard piece, I need to be able to join some of the barlines between the staves but some barlines must be only on the staves. I can’t seem to be able to do this on a per-bar basis, only a per-system basis. Am I missing something?

Shouldn’t a keyboard instrument always have barlines that span the two staves?
Of course you may want to change this sometimes, but could you explain why you would want to do that?
Indeed, though, it seems you can do that only on a per-system basis.
What about creating a local time signature and hiding it?

You mean the opposite of Mensurstriche, so to speak?

Can you draw a quick picture?

No. Speaking of contemporary music as we were in another thread, the composer I engrave for universally does this (like Mensurstriche) for his piano works:

Because these are ‘beats’ not bars. It’s a legitimate usage. Then full span barlines are used for, well, barlines.

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Yes, this is very nice, and an effective way of keeping things clear.

It’s a piece by a 17th century English virginalist. The original barlines should join the staves and the editorial ones should be only on the staves.

Is this the sort of appearance that you want?

To achieve it, put an independent time signature on each staff using alt+Enter - in my short example I did it in every bar. Then, In Engrave mode, select a barline on the top staff, open Properties and toggle Time Signatures > Barline joins all staves. Hide the time signatures once you are finished. I found it a bit tricky so you will probably need to experiment a little to figure out how it works. I think (and I could have got the wrong impression) that a change to a barline which starts a bar without an independent time signature will affect the barline at the preceding independent time signature. Anyhow, have a bit if a play around and see how you go.


That’s very clever and it works except at moments when I need a double barline (to delineate sections). At those moments I get a double barline in the lower staff and a single one in the upper staff and I’m unable to join them.

Never mind. It does work. Thank you for the tip. I’d never have guessed to use independent time signatures!

Glad you got it working.

Somewhere in the Dorico manual it is mentioned that to have independent barlines you need to have independent time signatures.

Could you post a version of your image with Signposts showing?

Here’s an image of the first page of the piece. I needed to copy the double bars, otherwise they’d have split as I described above.

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After Vaughan mentioned double barlines, I “fiddled around” with my file a bit more, so it is not the same as in the original image. However, here is the “revised” project and a screenshot to match.

Piano barlines with ||.dorico (920.0 KB)