Joining tremolos to stems

Hi all,

I’m hoping there’s a simple way to do this that I’m missing. I see there’s a project-wide engraving option to do this for half note tremolos, but I don’t see how to do it for only some tremolos, nor how to do it for tremolos of other lengths (quarters, eighths… just in general). See my attachment for a sample of what I’m looking for.

Is there something simple, or is this something to hack together? And if so, any tips on the best approach? I can’t even see if there’s a way to drag those tremolo bars in engrave mode. Make a tuplet of 32nds and change the note head to be open when needed?


A tremolo is a rapid alternation of 2 notes. What you picture is not a tremolo. If you could write out the passage in full, with the desired note values, and picture it here, maybe someone can suggest an appropriate shorthand.

I understand it’s not standard usage, and perhaps I could have used quotes around “tremolo,” but Dorico itself refers to such a figure as a tremolo

As does Elaine Gould in Behind Bars, where I’m taking this notation from.

In either case, the question is how to make what’s in the picture (including for more than just half note values, and without changing global options).

The second sentence of the article you’ve linked to states: “You can also input multi-note tremolos across more than two notes if they are tuplets, which indicates that the notes in the tuplet are repeated in the notated sequence.”

Have you tried making your example into tuplets and (if necessary) hiding the brackets and numbers from the properties panel?

(If you were thus far unaware that Dorico will allow 1:1 tuplets, 2:2 tuplets, 3:3 tuplets etc., let me tell you now that these are possible.)

You can’t join all the beams for quarter note tremolos or shorter, because the result would look like ordinary beamed notes.

Gould permits tremolos on 3 or more notes (page 229).

Yes this works well to create the ‘tremolo’ itself, but the default is for the horizontal tremolo lines to stop short of the left and right stems (as in “Example” from the article). I want to connect to the stems (as in my photo, which I should have clarified that I achieved via changing that global engraving option), but without causing this to happen for all tremolos throughout the project. In other words, is there some sort of local way to connect the lines to the stems?

The “standard usage” I’ve seen is more like this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 2.12.36 PM.jpg

Thanks for this. I’d been recommended to use the other ‘tremolo’ notation, but in light of the fact that I now realize it’s unable to differentiate between, say, eighths and quarters once everything is beamed together, this might be the best approach.

Not sure if it works with three notes, but the design of tremolos (beam touching or not the stems) is a setting in Engraving options>Tremolo. Hope this helps!