Jump Bar error while duplicate to staff above/below

When I saw a video where was jump bar presented, I thought - woah! nice feature.
But there is a little mismatch while duplicating selected notes to staff above and bellow. On second execute it goes wrong.

  1. Select note(s) you want to duplicate
  2. press “J” to open jump bar
  3. type “Dup” and select “Duplicate to Staff Above” - it duplicates selected notes to staff above.
  4. press “J” to open jump bar again - you will see that there is “Duplicate to Staff Above” written
  5. press Enter to execute command - it duplicates to staff bellow

After that if you recall jump bar again, it shows that there is “Duplicate to Staff Below” but you didn’t choose it.

Can anyone confirm this bug or is it on my spaceship only?

It seems to be fine here.

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In the ipad version of Dorico i‘ve created a new „classical orquestra“ project, enter some notes in the viola staff, follow the steps @ArthurNeeman wrote and i got the same problem.

@pianoleo, it seems to be fun, not fine :slight_smile:

Using latest Dorico -
Windows 10 Pro 21H2
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.00 GHz
RAM 20.0 GB (19.6 GB usable)

I can’t reproduce your bug here :W10 + dorico 4.1
everything is fine here

I can see that there is clearly a bug of some kind here, but I’m also unable to reproduce it. I thought that perhaps it might be significant that you confirmed a choice from the list below the main jump bar text edit with your mouse, but in fact I don’t find that makes any difference. I will keep playing with this in idle moments (not that I have many!) to see if I can pin it down.

Daniel, I will tell how I see it as programmer. When pressing Enter, program is using the ID of selected item in the list. Somehow that ID has a difference in “+1” therefore it takes next. If not always and this cannot be reproduceable on Mac, then it seems that problem is in getting ID from standard list which can be different on different OSes. Simplest way is to take text entered and search again to get right ID. I hope your programmers can check this out.

Strange. Since WaveLab’s Justin Perkins told me to delete preferences folder and do max cleaning on licensing issues, I suggest maybe I should do the same on Dorico? But this Jumpbar issue is following me since the very first build of version 4.

If this were the case, it would reliably go wrong on Windows. It works fine here:

@pianoleo, excuse me, but I’m not developer and you may not show me your videos. I’m showing what happens on my side. It happens on two computers - both Windows 10 (Pro and Home), both 21H2.

Today I reinstalled everything that belongs to Steinberg, I removed everything that remained unremoved. Then installed only latest versions of all four products. Nothing’s changed.

So the problem isn’t on my side, but, sorry, I will repeat - again and again I meet arrogance from one of teams of Steinberg Company. And what is surprising, the best response is from VST Live team - they said “thank you” for all my comments and bug reports. Why? Because they are at the starting point, where every good view is gold.

Please learn from smart and responsible people.
Nothing personal :wink:

I’m not a developer either, and I don’t work for Steinberg. I’m showing you that if I try replicating your thing on my Windows machine I can’t, so presumably it’s not as simple as being a Windows vs Mac thing.


Then why you reply to my bugreport, if you are not developer nor working in any team and cannot help to resolve? I also can show you other my videos, where are birds, dogs, cats etc. But it’s not the forum for fun. Right? Next to you there are another thousands of users who can post similar videos where everything is okay with JumpBar. But they ignore this post if they cannot help. Right? So take this in count, please!
And look above, there is another user with iPad and the same issue. So this is bug. Period.

Because this is a discussion forum. We’re discussing. Or at least I was attempting to…

And you did ask:

If you don’t want to know, why ask?


@ArthurNeeman : debugging always involves finding a reproducible case. It’s the starting point for pinning down the issue. If another user, in this case Leo, tries to replicate the faulty behaviour, but cannot re-create it using the parameters you provided, that doesn’t mean he is mocking you, or disparaging your observations. It means he’s trying to be helpful. Not being able to reproduce the bug on a similar system is crucial information for the developer who will try and solve it, because it eliminates a few variables from the equation. No doubt there’s a bug in play, nobody denies that.

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So, @pianoleo, did you confirm in this discussion or just wanted to gain the count of comments in your account?

I confirmed that following your steps doesn’t reproduce the problem on my Mac. I then further confirmed that following your steps doesn’t reproduce the problem on my PC.

This doesn’t demonstrate that the problem is unique to your computer, if just confirms that the problem doesn’t seem to be so widespread that it affects either all Windows or all Mac computers.

I honestly couldn’t care less about my post count. I was trying to help answer your question.


So we could invite another thousands of users just to post their videos where I can clearly see that this bug doesn’t exist in their setup. What a funny discussion! This is what I was looking for - check every day is there any video posted where this bug wasn’t met. Every time I got a message that there are news in forum because I follow my own post and this is important for me, I come here, but here I see video for fun. Nice, isn’t? Discussion. Okay, let’s discuss about amoebas, it’s important for whales.

Just because one starts a post does not mean that person owns it.

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And this is the answer on question “can anyone confirm?” Strange.
Imagine a bus driver stopping and shouting “who’s going to the market” and all 10,000 people in the city are shouting “I’m not going”. Logically would be that only three who will go, would answer.

@pianoleo, I didn’t ask “can you confirm” and address this question to you. If I could, then of course it’s nice to see visually that exactly you don’t have this bug (if I didn’t believe without video).

If we meet this confusion, admin can delete this post and I will assume that JumpBar doesn’t work for me. It works for others, but not for me and this isn’t a bug. Just sh*t happens.

Funny, very funny.

Is it an answer to question “can anyone confirm”?