Jump bar: "is translation"

Is there a command in the jump bar to change a lyric to “is translation”?

I doubt it. That seems a bit too specific.

There is not, no.

It’s very easy to select the lyrics and change the property in the lower zone. Therfore using the jump bar would mean an extra step in the workflow.

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I need to figure out how to do that without a mouse. Maybe it’s just as fast as J IS T could be.

You may be able to record a macro of when you switch this property on and then manually add it to the key commands file with an appropriate command. It doesn’t always work as easily as this though.

Does this seem too fancy for you to do?

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Sorry, I disagree. For those of us who do a very small number of types of functions in Dorico and do them over and over, opening the properties panel and toggling a switch is certainly slower than a key command.

Part of the premise for why the jump bar exists is that it’s faster than using a mouse to click around.

In case this information is of any use, searching for “translation” in Key Commands showed the following:

Well, that’s interesting because it shows that the expected command is not baked into Dorico’s keycommands yet. But using the macro way, it shouldn’t be too difficult to have the accurate command and add it into the keycommand json file by hand.
[Edit] That would be true if there were a button in the properties panel, same as is Chorus. I’m far away from my computer so I couldn’t check it out but it is probably not the case with translation, I apologize for the useless comment.

Exactly, Dan. Actually I was using your MusAnalysis font. I have lyrics for the soprano line, but also using lyrics for the analysis of the bass line. So I set the translation lyrics font to your font, which works beautifully.

But starting a new section of music, lyrics defaults to line 1 (arrow keys allow changing the line number, or Chorus), which stops all progress because I have to mouse around to check Is Translation.

For my future reference: Cntl-8 opens the lower panel. Don’t know how to keyboard to the Translation though.

Does this help at all?


Bingo! Thanks. What a great forum.

That page in the manual concerns inputting translation line lyrics. From memory, later in the manual there is a section on converting normal lyrics to translation line lyrics. I have only tried that out once, quite some time ago, and I think it involves copying and pasting, but one syllable being pasted at a time with the right arrow key used to advance (similar to when inputting lyrics). The way it works is a little idiosyncratic at first but I imagine that, in true Dorico style, it makes sense when one has had a chance to become familiar with the procedure involved.