Jump Bar was stuck

Running Mac 12.6.1 and Dorico 4.3.0.
In Write Mode I used a filter to go to a solo instrument in a small chamber orchestra mock-up. I invoked the Jump Bar and unsuccessfully tried searching for a command, instead using the side zone to insert what was needed. However, the Jump Bar remained centered on the page. And it stayed there even though I cycled through all five modes, changed from galley to page view, went from full score to individual parts, etc. Nothing I tried would remove it: the Escape key, clicking on various areas around the Jump bar, etc. Finally, I closed the project (ironically from the Jump Bar), reopened the project and all was well. Others in the forum with a similar issue had closed Dorico to remove the Jump Bar but I simply closed and reopened the project. This is not a major problem and I am unable to recreate the issue. It is just one of those snags a wonderful, yet complicated software will occasionally come across.


same just happened here.

I’ve been having this happen several times a day. Extremely annoying, I have to exit the app, restart, reload the project and find my place. Please fix this ASAP, team!

If you can pin down the circumstances under which the jump bar remains open, we’ll be happy to fix it, but without a set of steps to reproduce the problem, we can’t fix it.

Thanks Daniel, I will look out for a pattern, I’m going to be working quite a bit in the coming days, but so far the appearance of the bug seems to be pretty random.