jump to selected channel in mixer view


I might be missing something, but if i select a channel in the arrange view and then open the mixer, it doesn’t jump to the selected channel in the mixer view. So sometimes you have to scroll left or right to see the selected channel. Previous versions always did scroll to the right channel.
Is it a setting im missing ?


In any mix console, click the Functions Menu. Is “scroll to selected channel” checked?

yeah, that doesnt make any difference. :confused:

Next, I would start Cubase in Safe Mode, and eliminate the preferences. Then see if you get the same behavior in Safe Mode?

even when i disable the preferences, still same thing …

might a problem with resolution, because i’ve tried it on 3 different cubase pcs and they all have the same problem.

i’ve made a short vid to demonstrate


What happens if you don’t make your project page full screen on your video monitor? Make the project page only take up half the screen. Then open Mix Console 1 on the other half of the screen. Do you still get the same behavior?

That works fine. If i keep the mixer open on my second monitor that works as well.
Changing the resolution to 1080p doesn’t change a thing, so that’s not it.
Can you reproduce whats happening in my Cubase ? because i can on at least 3 computers :slight_smile:

So I have the same problem. When I ‘minimize’ both project and mixer windows and put them side by side, the mixer follows each time I select a different track in the project window. But as soon as I maximize both windows and switch between them a few times, it stops scrolling to the selected track. It is SO annoying. PLEASE do somehing about it!! :frowning:

So to update my comment, if I keep the mixer window open and just go back and forth, it works. But when I use the F3 shortcut to open and close the mixer window, it stops following the tracks. Very weird.