Jump to start/end of selection

It would be wonderful to have the ability to move the caret to the start/end of a selected passage with the click of a button.

This is a bit of an unusual request. Typically you don’t have both a long selection and the caret visible at the same time. Can you say a bit more about the situations in which you would find this useful?

I can! Copying and pasting to other staves on the same system, or copying and pasting to other locations particularly using the Paste Into Voice command (which requires the caret in order that Dorico knows which voice you want to paste into).

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The use-case described by @pianoleo is the one that made me request this.
But a “jump to beginning/end of slur” or even “jump to next/previous rest” (as to skip over a section where music is present) could be equally useful.

Sorry, Leo, I’m still struggling to picture how this would be useful. You’ve made a big selection and copied it to the clipboard. At this point (I am imagining) the caret is not visible. Now you want to do what?

Excuse the contrived example. Let’s say I want to copy from the third stave to the first stave, dovetailing. Definitely a case for using the caret, as the second stave has completely different note values so going through that stave without the caret will land me in completely the wrong place.
It would be quicker if I could just jump to the end of the selection, though.


Now I come to think of it I suppose I could put the caret at the end of the selection and then select backwards (which would keep the caret at the end rather than the beginning), but my brain’s not quite wired for that…