"JUMP" Van Halen Oberheim - help!


I am desperately trying to find an authentic sounding “Jump” synth sound to use in Cubase. I have a sound perfectly in my Korg synth for playing live, but in part of the song I want to sequence the backing from within Cubase and just can’t find a decent sound.

Anybody know of a good Preset I can use without having to try and spend hours programming something myself as I know there will be many people who have done this previously to a much better standard than I could ever hope to achieve myself.

I tried a couple of Oberheim VSTs but I guess it’s all about the effects/processing that needs adding that I just can’t “nail”. Would prefer a nice “Jump” program will all effects/etc already nicely set up for me.

Would prefer something free!! I have Cubase 8.5 Pro if that matters.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s a really nice patch called “Legendary Jump” into retrologue1, and it sounds really good, maybe encrese the shift tune up to 14 to recreate the classic out of tune that oberheim ob-xa had.