jumping back to start of 1st flow a lot...

While editing things like text in flow 3, the curser jumps back to the start of the 1st flow a lot of times, any suggestion how to avoid this from happening?

Is this happening when you open the properties panel ? Because we have discovered a display bug when in “whole view” zoom…

No. I am working in Galley view in Engrave mode. Double clicking a text (made with shift+X) makes the score jump to the start of the first flow. I want to edit the text and the text edit dialogue does open, but the jumps happens as well.

Galley view in Engrave mode ??? I do not have this view in Engrave mode… You mean Write mode ? FWIW, in write mode galley view, I can edit texts inputted with shift X with no problem, on my machine.

Sorry, I mean in write mode.

Text (Shift+X) is not at the same position in Galley and Page view, that’s confusing. first picture is in Galley view.
Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.01.05.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.01.15.png

Don’t rely on anything being in the “correct” vertical position in Galley view. One basic reason is that the staff spacing in Galley view is fixed. The default spacing it is wider than the minimum spacing in Page view. but Dorico can’t change it to avoid collisions.

Your pictures look like a “bug” though. Are both pieces of text supposed to be attached to the same staff, one above and one below?

Did you change the position of the text by dragging it, or by setting the Placement property to above/below?

In general the dx/dy offsets you can set in Engrave mode are ignored in galley view.

Yes, one text line is set to below because it didn’t fit all together on a single staff (screenshot).

In general the dx/dy offsets you can set in Engrave mode are ignored in galley view.

I am getting a better feeling for Galley view now, its only for writing the notes and is separate from the layout of a score. (Like panorama in Sibelius).
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 09.03.21.png