jumping strg-x text

This ist something that happend to me, but I could not reproduce it in a new simple Flow, where everything works like expected.

  • I created and selected some text with strg-x (jpg 1)
  • I moved it to the left with the mouse. It starts to shift upward at a certain position (in this case when reaching the
    first note in the snippet (jpg 2) (and this does not happen in the new simple Flow, the text keeps always the neares possible vertical distance… )
  • I released the mouse button … and (while in most cases of this behavior it uses to fall down to the nomal position, no harm done … ) it sometimes jumps one line more up and stays there. (jpg 3)


I managed to throw text “out of the page” this way, so not longer reachable in write mode (in engrave mode, the text sits where it belongs, its only a problem in write mode.)

I hope, i found a strange bug here, which needs obviously some special cirumstances to occure, which I could not find out.

Are you in Galley view? If so, it’s probably trying to avoid colliding with something that’s off the side of the screen.

I found the same bug here with a system text added (the little (q.=q) on the right of number 6).
When I drag it downwards or to the left (with the mouse or alt-arrow), it goes up and up, and the space between my systems becomes too small… I’d call that a bug, yes.
If that can help, I have an 8va line the bar before, but no fermata, no cesura, no tempo marking.

Capture d’écran 2017-12-23 à 18.42.23.png

Sorry , meant “Shift-X text”, not Strg-X…