Jun 2024-asked Logic users what is absolutely essential to remain competitive as a professional DAW

I asked a few people and here are the main things Cubasis 3.7 needs to remain in competition to Logic. Logic has dethroned cubasis 3 but cubasis 3 is very close now.

With HALion and Neo FM, Cubasis made a better sound library then Logic offers. What is missing now are some key features

-time sig and tempo track - to allow changes to a song (everyone knows that)

  • PLUGIN DELAY COMPENSATion - PDC is necessary despite cubasis resource management and DSP strengths people still report some things are out of sync
  • PROPER midi learn for third party auv3 - currently cubasis supports midi learn only for internal synths sounds and transport controls, mixer and stuff, but it would be great to have automation recorded from knobs and faders for third party devs
  • Audio routing - i personally feel group tracks is good enough but people want aux and mix busses
  • easier file management than using the media bay (particularly for loop recording/comping and then selecting the track you want)

Now some people said Cubasis 3 was written from the ground up and if it can support HALion and Neo FM and the Waves bundle suite, it can definitely be updated for tempo/time sig and PDC

I personally dont need or want proper mix busses but that with aux tracks seem to be really in high demand.

Finally better hardware integration like midi controllers would be great but again, since it records touch screen automation parameters from third party developers it shouldn’t be that hard to make those parameters selectable for midi learn

Im also surprised 6/8 is not an option but i see it in the long feature request

FINALLY, if possible, Logic offers multiple interface selection, and it would be useful to have for cubasis to have more than one selected (one for input one for output)

I think these couple of updates would not only make cubasis on equal footing with logic, it would finally give cubasis the respect it deserves as the gold standard of iOS DAWs

You have two choices: Rent the best with a sub to logic, or buy the second best cubasis but you need all the IAP

The next features should not be paid upgrades but included updates as they have been requested for years and they are needed to be considered in order for cubasis 3 to be cubasis 3 (pro):: Logic Pro

Thanks Lars and steinberg
YOUR ALMOST THERE, just a few critical updates you can probably port some like you did with HALion and Waves!

Anyway as of June/July 2024, this s what’s needed to keep CB3 to go up against its only competition Logic and personally I want to see cubasis close the gap and take the lead because if they implement these features, people would BUY cubasis rather then rent logic. CB3 has a better ui, workflow, internal instruments and better performance

Let’s do this !!!


I would put this as the main missing feature.
Please give us same way to map AUv3s and IAA parameters to hardware controllers.


Cubasis is unusable for live , expressive performance with AUv3s or IAAs , that don’t support midi learn .


What’s a mix bus?

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I totally agree. For NEARLY two years I have been requesting this as the single missing main feature as well.

Personally speaking the #1 on the list is PROPER midi learn for 3rd party plugins.

I feel the aux/mix bus issue is cleanly fixed with group tracks, but again, Logic users need full audio routing they said……that would require a bit more work, so its something i feel should be lastly addressed

PDC, I’ve never encountered the lag, but guys who use a lot of auv3 that are cpu and dsp intensive reports multiple lags and offset timelines for individual tracks because of the plugin delay - this can be ported somehow from Cubase if they ported HALion….since 3.6.6 i have noticed stuttering and high dsp use, EVEN when multicore is enabled…PDC is NECESSARY, even if I haven’t seen any lag YET, im sure i will with heavier plugin use.

There is loop recording /comp recording and file management but it could be further improved….i see why people prefer logics file system and comp recording, but cubasis has it, just needs a little improvement , so again, not a big deal for me but others have issue with it.

But to circle back, yes: MIDI learn has to be improved greatly. Zenbeats 3 not only maps any and all parameters you can physically touch on the screen, it also records the automation!!! I actually use Zenbeats 3 specifically for this reason and I am so annoyed cubasis doesn’t allow 3rd party Audio Units or IAA to be mapped to controllers….but the midi learn for cubasis is perfect within in and of itself for internal controls……so they can EASILY fix this one

Making Time sig/tempo track changes the only HUGE missing feature EVERYONE agrees is needed.

It’s 5 things: some major, some minor, but these 5 things are holding back Cubasis 3 from being = to Logic Pro in the way Cubase = Logic.

Especially if you bought HAlion, Neo FM, Waves Bundle, this is nearly a full complete Cubase DAW on iOS, but its going to mean steinberg needs convincing, and this thread hopefully will remain active and posted and voted so Lars and Steinberg and Yamaha see iOS WANTS CUBASE TO SUCCEED!!! [ i doubt apple will give the API for steinberg to do multiple audio interface selection , this is the 6th minor missing feature]

Thanks for your input Robert


Apparently Cubasis does not have a mix bus but Logic does. By posting a Cubase video are you trying to tell me that a mix bus is nothing else than a Group Track?
Or is a second output to a different hardware required?
Could you specify exactly what is a mix bus in Logic, how does it differ from a Cubasis Group Track?

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It is technically different but it provides the same effect. That’s why I said personally for me I dont think its a major thing, nor something I think steinberg is interested in addressing beyond group tracks, which to logic users they say “is a great start, but still not enough for true audio routing”

A bus or aux track is shown in the video example, and the track itself can be edited/autmoated/manipulated….

So i see what you mean Johnny, and I agree, a group track for me IS enough, but for some power users or professional DAW users, they want dedicated busses (not group tracks) - thats why i stuck to the other 4 features as super important since we do have group tracks

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thanks for answering to this yellow_eyez.

‘‘A mix bus is a way of routing multiple tracks into one channel to process them simultaneously—you can use one signal chain to affect an entire group of instruments and adjust level and pan via one channel’’

I’m not familiar with Logic as I’m not a fan of subscriptions, but cubasis Track Gruouping addon is good enough for me,for now.
I think there are more urgent matters which need to be fixed in the very near future like ,proper,more extensive midi mapping.


@Cuttlefish Please add your frustration with time signatures here. We hope Lars can give this to steinberg to be a comprehensive list so there are no more updates, as you indicated, certainly no paid upgrades , for these necessary features that all other DAWs do indeed have on one level or another, whether its Auria, Zenbeats, GarageBand, or Logic, Cubasis should have them: included in our time signature is the request for 6/8 , and also 5/8,7/8,9/8

But 6/8 first and foremost!!

(If they dont do this stuff, they can’t be considered Pro grade nor compete with Logic and thats it)

  • PDC
  • MIDI Learn
  • tempo and time signatures track changes (esp adding 6/8)
  • Audio routing ala mix Busses/aux
  • File management for comp recording
  • multiple interface selection

I consider this a Major missing feature from iPads, but why?
Is Apple really withholding an API from Developers?
Some [CORRECTION: say] the feature has been there but not implemented by software developers. The Mac implementation of multiple I/O sources and destinations is really good. I wish iPadOS gave us that ability built-in.


Me too….

Apparently they are. Otherwise i dont see why other devs haven’t implemented it, especially Kymatica and AUM….they would be first !

Please dont forget to VOTE on this thread to get steinberg attention

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Well it looks like were getting Time sig/tempo track!!! YES!!!

So thats 1 of 3 critical updates in queue
PDC and 3rd party MIDI Learn would make this a Logic killer!

Come on Lars and Steinberg - let’s GOOO….this is great news!

Thanks @LSlowak

[please vote up]


Yes, that’s great news. Thank you Steinberg Team, but don’t stop there. Please give us some way of assigning thirt party plugins to hardware controllers with next Update.



Just ONE or two more CRITICAL updates:
MIDI Learn for 3rd Party Audio Units (not just proprietary cubasis mapping)
PDC (plugin delay compensation)

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There is this app,called SAND 2.0 on AppStore.Being develop by one guy only!
It’s in early stages ,but it looks very promising and it’s community driven.
I really like his approach towards midi #CC assignment . I think Cubasis team could take example from likes of SAND or AUM , where devs listen to users .


Roland Zenbeats 3 not only maps ALL parameters of an AUV3 to your controller, it also RECORDS AUTOMATION to your track…all within the daw

I bought Zenbeats 3 just for that ability on iOS

Afaik it’s the only daw that does it out of the big 3 (Logic, Cubasis, Zenbeats)

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Zenbeats 3 has PDC, MIDI Learn for hardware, every time sig over even 4,8/,16……and ofc loop/cycle record and you can have it cross platform for $30 now - iOS and macOS

I still can’t believe Roland zenbeats 3 has PDC and MIDI learn!!! If it had time/tempo it would def be #1 even over Logic

The ONLY thing saving Cubasis from failure are the optimized stable multi core processing and HALion/Neo FM (IAP)

But if I didn’t have the IAP I would be looking at Zenbeats 3 instead of Cubasis on iOS.

In fact I bought Zenbeats 3 and if it had multi core processing I would switch

I am DEFINITELY not supporting Cubasis 3 in the future if by the time they finish the last update they don’t have PDC and MIDI learn BESIDES tempo/time signature track

Me and many many others are about to Forget Cubasis … some are going to Logic and it looks like others are going to Zb3

iOS only has two options as far as I’m concerned , Zenbeats 3 or Cubasis 3 - and If I didn’t have all those IAP I would DEFINITLEY leave Steinberg for good

I have no idea what’s taking them so long but I’ll give them until Black Friday, at which point I’ll be buying the complete unlock for Zenbeats 3

Zb3 basic unlock is $8 on sale or $15 reg
Zb3 all platform unlock (iOS/ipad/macos) is ONLY $30 right now reg 60
And the allllll unlock for everything is $75 on sale or $150 reg

No matter how you look at it now, in light of our response from Lars, I definitely am putting Zenbeats 3 on the map after waiting so long for an update or some kind of promise

We’re being strung along and zb3 is actually slightly better and less expensive, with round trip capability (unlike Cubasis as Cubase sucks)

Ok I’m done.

Now we’ll see if Lars tells Yamaha to get to work finally, because if they EVEN TRY to sell us more IAP or paid upgrades, I will make it a mission to make Zb3 the premier iOS DAW after Logic

Sorry but Cubasis is Waaaaaayyyyy behind after I tried Zenbeats 3

In fact, besides multi core processing and tempo time track, it is second to Logic - not Cubasis 3 (no midi learn and no PDC)

Without PDC and midi learn Cubasis will always be a lite daw; without tempo/time track changes requested for 10 years, they will become forgotten, and I’m already using zb3 now

I really think for $30 you can’t beat having a great DAW on iOS./iPadOS/macos universal

But Cubasis 4 !! Lmao haha - definitely not interested and not going to invest in another disappointment