junk doesn't recognize ezdrummer2 or guitar rig.

I want my money back for 10.5. No matter what I do this piece of junk doesn’t recognize ezdrummer2 or guitar rig. 10.0 was fine.


Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Is the path to the plug-ins set up? Are the plug-ins blacklisted?

Plug ins are up to date, I’ve put every path possible under the sun to point to either of them and they are not blacklisted… I’m sick of this.

Nothing else was updated? i.e. you’re not on a Mac and moved to Catalina also?

Nope. Everything is exactly the same.

The only other thing I can think of doing is uninstalling 10.5 and then doing the complete install rather than the update from 10.0 install.

er upgrade from 10.0 install I meant

EZ Drummer 2 and Guitar Rig 5 work fine here in 10.5.

They both work fine here too as well. It’s a pain when something like this happens, I know – it must be something particular to your system/setup.

Ok here’s where I’m at with this right now. I uninstalled 10.5 completely and instead of using the update from 10.0 I used the complete download. After installation I loaded a project from 10.0 and EZdrummer2 was there. That is a huge relief and probably kept me from asking for my money back. Guitar rig is still unable to be recognized but while this pisses me off, I can live with that because I have great sounding amps and other amp sims that work just as well. I apologize if I’ve been a grump about this but it came at the worst time possible: I was evacuated because of fires (northern cal), lost my keys and my spare key to my mustang, two pet lost (1 recovered) because of the evacuation, my antelope discrete 8 did a forced update that screwed everything over big time and I had to struggle with even getting sound on my system for two weeks, metro is too stupid to accept my card for payment for my phone so I lost that because I’m sick of fighting with them, and about 10 other things going really badly for me right now, none of which are my fault. So by the time I got to this problem I was already totally and completely without patience to deal with it. Sorry for my attitude.

you can’t even say “*isses me off” in this forum? Wow. Whatever. Nothing like a little censorship to get your day started lol.