Juno-60 & Cubase 6

Hi guys,

I’ve got a mint condition Roland Juno-60 (no MIDI) that I’d like to record with straight-to-audio in Cubase 6 (x64). I’ve got an Edirol FA-101 audio interface and I can connect my Juno-60 there (my monitors are connected there, too) but I have no idea how to set it up in Cubase 6. Can anyone help me? I’ve put an image up of my audio interface if that would help anyone out!

RTFM, it´s explained there completely…

You may like to have a look at page 32 of the Cubase manual about setting up external instruments.

I don’t think so. Because Juno-60 doesn’t have MIDI it can’t be handled as an external instrument by Cubase. It’s just another analog audio source (connected to FA-101 in this case).

To OP:
Basic steps here:

  1. Select the right audio interface driver for Cubase (as described in Cubase’s Quick Start manual)
  2. Configure VST connejctions as needed (as described in Cubase’s Quick Start manual)
  3. Create an audio track in Cubase, choose the right input for it, record enable it, hit record key and play your Juno.

My apologies, I was thinking of the Juno-106

Maybe one of these would help http://www.kentonuk.com/products/items/dcb/prodcb.shtml

Then read page 32 :mrgreen: