Just a question

Sometimes it is better say nothing

Quote TIMO:
When you’re part of a Corporation that is doing business in various areas worldwide (and not a small
two-man operation we’ve been 25 years ago), such comments on your business partners would kick
you out of the door, immediately.

Hallo Timo…
I think, you know what I mean.
Nobody goes about, kicking people in international business.
But keeping a close look on sales partners and “support” them in their efforts ( or if you like: wake them up, once in a while) is a necessary habit. This includes going unconventional ways, too.
My impression is that SB has not developed nor exploited this to the full, yet.
Since it is all about selling and advertising, my “merchant” brain can’t understand why, because even I have to do so with my two companies, to assure customer satisfaction and presents on the national market.

Big K

Whatever. At the end of the day did this guy get his copy or not? You could have told shipping to send him a copy from HQ in Germany. It seems like the simplest thing in the world.

So in lieu of advertising (I’m not seeing much of it) you have to rely on word of mouth. Months have passed, he didn’t get his upgrade, what does it do for Steinbergs reputation?

Would you buy a product from a company that can’t even sell the upgrade when it’s out, because, well, they just “can’t” because you’re in the “wrong” country ?

Not quite yet, right?..


Should’t be distracted by what they don’t do in the company, of course that matters, but it is better to invest our time in creating, producing, and hopefully one day the company take interest in us or simply another company will be an option to do it for them.