Just a reminder 3.6 broke loop control LED feedback on mcu

I believe I mentioned it once or twice somewhere.

Hi @otherone23

Thanks for your message.

Please let us have more details (step description or a small clip) abut your issue. It is important that our engineers are able to see and reproduce the problem, in order to evaluate it.


The loop LED falls out of sync almost immediately . loop led is on when loop is off etc, and it stops working right also. i think i pointed this out in another thread.

plug in a mackie and you’ll notice it immediately.

Hi @otherone23

The issue is planned to be resolved in the next update.


great! i’ll hold you too it!

it will end up being one of my favorite rigs. M1 pro 12.9 with 8 channels i/o and a mackie and 2tb storage. whats not to like?

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i had a spare 10 minutes and decided to give this ‘almost’ app a try. loop seems fixed.

undo/redo dont work though, i cant remember if they did before it’s been so long. still no marker support either.

on 3.6.6 now. hadnt touched it since that bug showed up and i couldnt revert to a version that didnt have the bug and it didnt get fixed that week.

probably wont but undo/redo working on the mackie and maybe some marker support is essential. most musicians worth a fuc|< practice blindfolded

Hi @otherone23

Please provide us with the exact steps to allow us reproducing the issue(s) or let us have a short clip which shows all steps leading to the problem.



Undo and Redo buttons are not mapped to Mackie MCU. I can’t remember if that is a bug or wasn’t implemented yet.

loop control is fixed as of 3.6.6, possibly earlier; skipped a few