Just a thought on Tacet sheet management

I thought I’d gather opinions on this. There are scenarios when you might want to have a player’s staff to be in the conductor score for a certain flow, even though that player doesn’t play in that flow. It’s for example quite standard in film sessions to have the score always set up for the full orchestra.
With the current Tacet sheet management system, the only way to have a player see a tacet marking on the part is to exclude that player from the flow, which consequently hides his staff from the full score layout. In this case, the old “no notes=tacet” logic from very early versions would be preferable. Another good (even better) option would be a layout preference which, on exclusion of a player, displays a tacet label on his staff at flow start in the score, instead of hiding the staff.
Anyone has a quick good workaround for this?

In my experience, and based on the feedback I’ve had from people who work in the media music profession, the conventional thing is to keep the player attached to the flow so that it appears in the score, and so the part contains the musical structure rather than just the word ‘Tacet’, but the missing piece is showing the word ‘Tacet’ at the start of the staff in the full score. We hope to implement that in a future version.

That’s some great additional information you gathered, and it makes sense, because in case some addition is made from the podium (like adding a double on an instrument that was Tacet to begin with), the relative player would benefit from having the blank bars and the structure on the part to add music to on the fly. The tacet card at the beginning is no problem to achieve via text as it stands now. Thanks!

That would only be if one configured the part to avoid multi-measure rests and omitted the implicit measure rests; but yes, that would be doable if one wished.