Just a yes or no should i update to 9.5.30 thats all :)

Don’t be sad… :wink:
The update is not pulled because it’s a good update that the majority of users (myself included) have no issues with. I recommend to install it. On a PC (which you might or might not have) it is very easy to back out of the update if need be.

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Take a chance… :wink:
There are over 103000 users on this forum. So it is a very small % of these that are having issues (similar to what I see after any software update/install). If you are on a PC it is very easy to back out of the update if need be.

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The issues with 9.5.30 seem to be only on Macs. So if you’re using Windows, it seems to be ok. If you’re on Mac, I suggest waiting.

that is what i am see MAC dominate issues still will wait a little while longer well i say that now lol

Thanks, that’s good to hear. I depend heavily on Sonarworks in the Ctrl Room, so that’s my main concern. But since I am on Win 10 I guess I will be ok.


I just installed 9.5.30 and it seems to work fine.


I just upgraded. No problems, but I’m using WIn10. If I were on a Mac, I’d avoid it due to the sonarworks issue. While not Steinberg’s fault, it’s still a killer. So to the OP: no.


Yes. No problems at all. Very stable.

Going to tonight…thank you

If you like laggy panners. Go for it.

Windows yes. Apple No.