Just a yes or no should i update to 9.5.30 thats all :)

Yes or no?

It depends on how well maintained your OS is.

Maybe or perhaps.

Here all is well with it so far.

“Why would you want to?”.

In other words, is there a feature or three that you really want, enough to put up with potentially loss/less function of a feature or two that you like now, or change in your workflow?

Best probably to do the trial, no?



Working fine for me. If it doesn’t work fine for you then a couple of mouse clicks will let you roll back to the previous version.


Regards. :sunglasses:

The slow to react stereo panners ( issue introduced in 9.5.2 ) are still present and a little frustrating if you mainly use a mouse. So for me it’s a No untill that’s sorted.

No, definitely not.

Mouse-wheel or Shift+drag will help you a bit on this one :wink:

It would be nice if Steinberg made an official statement on what is going on in this update, if there are no issues with it. Or if they pulled it for the time being, if it is as bugridden as the user responses indicate.

Right now, I cannot decide to install it, which makes me sad.


Yes… if you back up your system before, no harm can be done.


some of my problems are with other vendors not Cubase but would like the update crazy this is one of the worst since C9 came out

I’m still using i5 core with 32GB of ram win 10 not the latest win update since that stop MPC 2.2.1 from displaying on my MPC X


I don’t dare to upgrade after reading all the horror posts.

Working fine for me… on two windows 10 systems.

Guess i will wait a week or so to see if a fix comes out