Just another fan thank you

I just really want to give a shout out to how great the whole Dorico team is - with a special shout out to Daniel. I’m just one person of thousands that use Dorico, and I kept hitting an issue that was grinding my project to a halt. Daniel went above and beyond helping troubleshoot and fix the issue so that I could carry on. This wasn’t a one time interaction, but something that took considerable time for him to help. I really really appreciate that. I’m an older musician (47 year old), and I decided to go back to music school when the pandemic hit, and I’m the only one in my school that used Dorico. But every chance I get, I don’t tell people about features or ease of use, etc, I tell them about the amazing community and support. I ask them when was the last time that they spoke directly with the development team of their software…That usually just initiates confusion and awe. Anyway, just wanted to give a quick thank you for all the amazing people making Dorico what it is!


Daniel and the whole team are the best in the business.


I agree entirely and it’s one reason I keep on trying to persuade the still undecided to switch to Dorico (in most cases from Sibelius among my acquaintances)

Other than inertia I can’t understand why people would still use SOB (Some Other Brand) scoring software. Even for students I don’t get why they’d use Musescore, catch Dorico on a sale and it’s the same price as a textbook, or go iPad. If I was in school the iPad Dorico and a M1 would be a lifesaver.


I couldn’t agree more!! Daniel was the reason I came over to Dorico. He has always been extremely helpful. He and the whole team at Dorico have been on top of every bit of help that I needed. Special shout out to John Barron!!