Just bought a Yamaha DTX 400K, no sound during playback

cannot get the sound to come out. i have tried all the inputs and outputs, I recorded in Midi instrument, though the link from the electronic drums to the computer is a square USB from the drums to a rectangle USB at the PC.

what am I doing wrong to get no sound during playback? I know that the program is working, the green vertical bar jumps up and down with the notes during playback, but there isn’t any sound.

Thanks for your help!!

Set the output of the recorded midi track to the DTX and you should hear it though the headphone socket on the drum brain thingy.

Thank you!! it worked, i don’t know why i didn’t try that. but i want to be able to hear it through my PC speakers, which is just my monitor speakers. THe speakers suck of course, but I feel that I won’t be able to hear the drums, except through the drum brain thing. how do I get it to come through my speakers?

There is no audio connection over USB on this device.

To hear DAW audio and Drum audio together you would really need an audio interface. Maybe there is some way to get this working with built in audio using ASIO4all but I think latency would be a big problem.

The other option is that after recording you use the recorded midi to play an internal vsti drum rather than the Yamaha.
Load a vst instrument track and select Groove agent and reroute the midi out to instrument in.