just closed

hi,i loaded cubase 6.5(latest update) and loaded a project that i had no probs with before.cubase just shut down without any warning while loading the project.
has this ever happened anyone before?

OS? 32, 64? Hardware? Plugins involved? etc.

Did you try restarting Cubase?
Occasionally when I try to open a Cubase project I get an error message (Cubase has stopped working, or something like that) but the project opens just fine on restarting Cubase.


Aloha f,

Try trashing Cubase 6.5 preferences and then restart.

HTH(hope this helps)

my desktop,went black,still could see icons oni t,then when i clicked somthing i got error message. i thought it might be graphics card.
but i done system restore and works now.