Just curious

Whatever happened to Eckard Doll? I haven’t been on these forums much in the past few yrs. Does he work someplace else now?


Yeah, he seemed to be one of the “good guys”, as far as moderators go. Hmmm … interesting.

Speaking of mods, Helge seems to be pretty quiet or gone since he made a few smart comments that didn’t go over very well.

Chris B’s “dissapearance” was explained, but the others … ?

Now that you mention it… hmmm :confused: :confused: :confused:

Maybe some heads have been rolling?

PS. Some of the mods here were part of bullying my uncle away (with 40 years + in the biz). I don’t know, but he may have taken a trip to Hamburg :laughing:


Here is hoping health issues are not involved.

If so, sending much support and Aloha.

I doubt that.

I think the moderators have accomplished their mission in the general forum. Haven’t you noticed the sense of “community” in the Cubase general forum that Guillermo has referred to in Gearslutz posts? It’s almost…utopia. :laughing:

Every now and then I wonder that myself. But in general, I am feeling fine and no heads have been rolling.
And btw, my last posts date back to Friday :wink:

Thanks for missing me already! :slight_smile:


‘With every bullet so far’!

Ba doom boom! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ed - I’m glad you’re still here and are feeling like yourself! I suppose I made a bad assumption that you were no longer here. I was browsing topics in the legacy hardware forum, specifically the topic about unsupported midex8 drivers, and noticed that your account was converted to “guest”. So I assumed you were no longer with Steinberg. Whoops! I suppose you just changed accounts?


Thanks! :slight_smile: Indeed… that was my legacy account in the legacy forum :wink:

Huh, no-one asks about be any more. Not even my wife.


Bas - I’m glad you’re here. You’ve had a ton of very helpful posts over the years.



Your Cubase manual is pretty old. Maybe you should write a new Cubase manual and explain all this stuff Steinberg seems to gloss over. I think you would get popular overnight. :smiley:

Talk about a thread going off topic. Whew! My apologies to Tommy-boy.

Reading manuals is something I (and maybe you too) do enjoy but I do not believe
most users do.

Seems many users find the vids a lot more helpful. And in some respects they are;
because you can’t hear what something sounds like just by reading words.

That being said; a more comprehensive ‘blend’ between the two would be most welcomed.

you read something in the PDF manual and to hear it/see it in action. you just clik
on it and it takes you to a vid of someone using that particular function/feature.

Now let’s get real.
To do that for every single item in the manual would be a massive undertaking
but in the end would be ‘massively’ wonderful for users.

Especially new ones. Get it Steiny??? I said ‘especially new ones’. :slight_smile:
Which means ‘mo money mo money mo money’

My 2cents

Yes massively wonderful, but would it cure the RTFM issue? I would guess it’s pretty costly.

About 15 years ago I used Artist Pro which was a big on line manual with a DVD when you paid your fees, so you get the best of both worlds. This was especially helpful hearing direct box and mic pre differences, differences between compression settings, alaising, gain stage, computer issues such as RAM buffer, sample rates, plus pretty comprehensive on all the basics.

Take this basic concept, and skew it for Cubase only, and that would be nice! But of course it requires constant updating.

Now there’s an approach! Nice one.