Just did buy guitar rig 6 and have dry sound on input and wet on auido track

Just got guitar rig 6 and am using a steinburg ur 242 interface. Have problem the input track is playing a dry sound and auido track is playing a wet sound were guitar rig is placed on. How do I get it so i can only hear the vst on both channels or a wet sound on both? Thanks

Must note i am using cubase 9.5 pro

Well the input channel is supposed to be the dry sound, and the track channel the wet sound.

What do you want to achieve by placing the plugin on both the input and track channels ?
There really is no need of this.

When you record something you want the recorded signal to be dry, so you can further process it how you want.

If you put plugins in the input channel, the signal will be recorded wet, and you won’t be able to make any changes later. It the plugin settings aren’t good you’ll have to record all over again.

If you want to record on two tracks with the amp plugin, then simply create two separate tracks.

Yes i wish to place the guitar rig on both the input and audio tracks so when I play the guitar only hear the plug in wet signal.

Just click the monitor button on your track, there is no need to put the guitar rig plugin on both the input and the track…

When I click the monitor button i get a dry signal from input master channel and wet signal from audio.
Both play through the headphones how do I have it so only can hear guitar rig 6 vst through both channels?

Just disable the monitoring on the input channel, and enable it on the track only.

Also turn the mix knob on your interface to the DAW position.
Looks like the UR242 doesn’t have it. This interface has a specific control panel (dspMixFx) in which you can control this, I believe. Please check that first.
The clue is on pages 13-14-15 of the user manual.

Also make sure Direct Monitoring is disabled :

I have enabled direct monitoring and the signal is only dry. Would it be the interface? As it is 5 years old ! Still have dry and wet sounds. If it is the interface what would be the best to buy new one? It uses yamaha drivers to cubase and no daw knob on the interface! I have a yahama mixer and does use the same driver same problem wet and dry signal when the mixer is hooked up. They is nothing on youtube about this problem. Thanks.

At this point I don’t know if you read my posts properly, you seem to do the complete opposite of what I am asking.
I can’t help you any further, as I don’t own a UR242, but I have done some research for you already, the posts above contain many clues.
Sorry :confused:

Cool thanks for your time. I will work it out.