just installed Cubase 9 and it won't start


I just installed Cubase Elements 9.5 (and the 9.5.30 update) to try.
Then I did enter my trial activation key.

First it complained that the printer service was turned off and closed, so I turned it on and tried again.

Now everytime it starts, shows a message telling that I can try the software for 30 days, then it just closes. No error message, no clue about what happened. :confused:

How can I find out what is making it crash ? Is there a log somewhere ?

My hardware is rather old but I doubt that it is too old or incompatible : E-MU 0404 PCI + Windows 7 64bit + Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 + 5GB DDR2 + Asrock P43Twin ( P45 northbridge, ICH10R southbridge )

Hi and welcome,

If there is an NVIDIA graphics card in your system, read and follow this article, please.

Yes in deed. I will download an older driver and try. However Nvidia stoped updating drivers for these ancient GeForce 9 in 2016 so it kind of already is a ‘previous version’ I am using.

We haven’t found a solution to this issue yet as only few systems show this behavior and it is not reproducible on any system at Steinberg so far.

I enabled Windows Crash Dumps, to try to catch a crash dump and give it to the Cubase developers to help them find out what the problem is, but sorry for some reason it does not work. If developers are interested, I am ok with trying something else.

Are all windows 7 updates applied?
Can you start elicenser control centre OK?

No. (The main reasons for this is that it is an offline computer so there is no security risk, its SSD is rather small so I don’t want to waste several gigabytes with updates, and my internet is slow.) Now if some updates are known to be required for Cubase, of course I will install them anyway. (but only them)


Non updated Windows is certainly your problem.


In deed. I updated DirectX11 to 11.1, and it is fixed. Here is the link in case anybody else has the same problem : KB2670838
Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: