Just Installed Cubase LE5 - Help With Inputs/Outputs

I put LE5 on my PC (Windows XP service pack 3), yesterday. Bought it with a Lexicon Alpha Studio USB interface.

How do I set the thing up - it’s very frustrating knowing I just need to click on the right thing, or load the right option to get it all working.

For the life of me I can’t get the inputs & outputs configured - when I start the LE5 software up a window opens on the screen headed “Missing Ports”.

It has the Alpha ASIO direct duplex showing against each of 4 lines/ports, with text against each line as follows:-

1 IN Unmapped
2 IN Unmapped
1 OUT Unmapped
2 OUT Unmapped.

I can open the LE5 by closing this window, but there is no input to the recording software.
I have gone into Control Panel/Sounds & Audio devices & changed the setting from the Realtek AC97 to the Lexicon Alpha In/Out for both Sounds & Recording, and the result is that you can listen via the Apha interface headphone socket to Youtube etc., but I can’t get a signal in or (therefore) out of the recorder - yes the USB Alpha is “on” - you can plug a guitar in the front & strum & hear it on the direct output on headphones, but that is about it.
Can anyone help please?

I have looked a the manual that came with it - this is however for LE4 - so not the same(?) I’ve also looked at the Help on screen, but it makes even less sense to me. I looked at the “Tutorials” & “Projects” that came with LE5 - it says “Drag these to your computer so that you can run them”. I did this, but when I try to open them I get a little Window saying “This is a read only file”…
I really don’t get this.

Any help most gratefully received.

Is there perhaps an online facility to have live chat with the guys at Steinberg to resolve this?



Would have been quicker to read the stickies at the top of the forum than to type your post.


well i was looking for what appears to be the same problem as mine and this looks like it, well get back to u tomorrow if it solves it.
cant work on it now cause that computer is next to the bird cage, who is asleep. :smiley: