Just installed Wavelab 7.0 build 506 - no audio OX S

I just installed Wavelab 7.0 build 506 on my Mac, OS X 10.6.8.
I loaded a couple of files and attempted to play them back. No audio. Suggestions?

First suggestion is to install the latest version: 7.2.1

I did the upgrade
The meters show activity but still no volume.
Clicking the speaker icons didn’t make a difference.

I’m thinking it’s time to return it to Amazon.com

I should be able to hear audio with or without the upgrade, after all the focus of the program is audio.
Audacity, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Garage Band all run without issue on my machine.

This may be the first version for OS X but I can’t believe that I’m having this problem. (I bought this software after seeing an earlier version on Windows. I assumed that it work just as well on my Mac Pro.)

I’m going to try one more thing. I will attempt to use it at a local studio. If it has the same issues on their Mac Pro, I’ll remove the license from the dongle and return it to Amazon.com.

Since WaveLab and the Mac are both fully capable of handling audio (how could it be otherwise?), any failure must be in the settings in one or the other. Unfortunately I have no Mac experience, and so can’t really suggest what to check in the Mac.


What audio driver is set in your streaming audio settings?


In OSX / WaveLab 7 simply open menu
Options / Audio Streaming Settings…
select “Audio Device”
for example on MacBook Pro use “Built-in Audio”
or if using other Audio Device then select this

then go to “Playback” and select under “Device Input”

Channel #1 Built-in Audio 1
Channel #2 Built-in Audio 2

If you like to record on Channels then select the “Recording”

Channel #1 Built-in Audio L
Channel #2 Built-in Audio R

if using other Playback/Recording “Audio Device” then
select this and adjust up to 8 Channels In/Out

it’s even possible to save Presets in this “Audio Streaming Settings” dialog

click on OK button when done

hope it helps

regards S-EH